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The Meat & Wine Co

A warm welcome to you from The Meat & Wine Co Australia
The Meat & Wine Co has spared no expense in creating spectacular steakhouse restaurants, which all exude a welcoming ambiance and offer a unique dining experience. Each restaurant enjoys its own individual look and feel, complementing the natural environment of each location.
Prime cuts of superior quality beef, perfectly aged and then grilled to perfection, are what The Meat & Wine Co is best known for. All of this is further enhanced by an extensive range of great wines, complemented by an unwavering commitment to service excellence no matter where you may dine at a Meat & Wine Co steakhouse restaurant.
Only the finest quality meat is served. Our premium quality meat has been carefully selected and matured according to our own in-house standards. But that’s not all! At The Meat & Wine Co there is something for everyone. The menu offers a delicious selection of Seafood, Chicken and Australian premium game for variety. Kosher steaks are available on request.
Be enthralled by the striking displays of wine – unique to each site – which form a signature feature of all The Meat & Wine Co restaurants. Lavish decor combined with rich textures and colours add to the contemporary feel of these exciting restaurants.
The Meat & Wine Co offers a truly pleasurable dining experience – deliciously good food and wine complemented by stunning venues and an unwavering commitment to service excellence ensures that our patrons all over the world continue to leave home or work for more.

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